Louis Carrogis Carmontelle (1717–1806)

Carmontelle was a French amateur draughtsman, engraver, and also a playwright. Born at Paris, he was the son of one Philippe Carrogis, a Parisian shoemaker, and he took the name of Carmontelle, possibly to conceal his humble birth. Self-taught, he produced a considerable number of watercolour portraits, some 750, of eminent persons of his day, which were mostly in profile, and highly characteristic. Utilising his talent and wit, he was able to improve his social status. The Duke of Orléans employed him as a topographical draughtsman and also as a tutor for his son. He was also tasked with staging plays.  Carmontelle was the author of the Proverbes dramatiques. A large collection of his drawings are located at Chantilly. He died at Paris.









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