Domenico Cagnoni (c. 1730–1797)

An engraver, Cagnoni was born at Verona. Nothing is known of his training, but he began his career in his native city, and then left for Brescia, where he became a successful engraver of books covering a wide range of topics. In 1759, he began to collaborate with the publishers Bossini and Rizzardi who used his engravings for many of their publications. Cagnoni was particularly skilful in executing illustrations required in smaller areas of books, such as title pages and margins. His illustrations for the reprint of the treatise Veterum Discipline in Re rustica (1770) gained him fame in Milan, and he immediately moved to that city. His work there became heavily sought after, and he gained high praise from artists and writers. From Milan, he also began to collaborate with the Royal Printing House of Parma, founded by G. B. Bodoni, for which he produced his most important works. In 1770 Cagnoni was named Regio Incisore. He was an active artist up until his death, which took place at an unknown location.









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