Bacchiacca (1494–1557)

A Florentine school painter, Bacchiacca was a native of Florence, and his full name was Francesco d'Ubertino Verdi. He studied first under Pietro Perugino, either at Perugia or at Florence. Subsequently, he attached himself to Franciabigio, and also enjoyed the friendship and counsel of Andrea del Sarto. This various teaching is reflected in his works. His paintings were generally small in scale, comprising for the most part predelle for altar-pieces, and the pictorial adornments of wedding chests (cassoni) and other costly articles of furniture. In fresco, he decorated a grotto in the gardens of the Pitti Palace. For the houses of Pier Francesco Borgherini and Giovan Maria Benintendi, rich Florentines, he painted several small compositions which Vasari praises highly, adding that many such productions of the painter were sent to France and England.









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