Jacob Appel (I) (1680–1751)

Appel was a native of Amsterdam, and he displayed an artistic talent from an early age. After studying under the landscape painter Timotheus de Graaf, he was instructed in the same genre by David van der Plaas. According to Descamps, he at first imitated the works of Tempesta, but changed his manner, and adopted that of his other teacher, Albert Meijeringh. He was first active in Zaandam, Haarlem and The Hague, and by 1705, he worked in Amsterdam, before settling in Zaandam where he received many important commissions from important figures in the area and surrounding cities. Returning to Amsterdam, he established an art business there dedicated to decorating houses and gardens. He gained a reputation for his large wall-covering canvas landscapes and historical paintings which are no longer extant, but he was more successful in his portraits. He was the teacher of his son Jacob Appel (II) and one of Gerard de Lairesse's sons. He died at Amsterdam.









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