Model of a 74-Gun Ship of the Line
Wood, brass, iron, glass, rope and textile; 410 x 452 x 205 cm
By Adriaen de Vriend, Adriaen Davidsen, and Cornelis Moesmanlls, 1698,
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Kept at the Admiralty of Zeeland, the model was in poor condition in 1796. It was restored and then shipped to Amsterdam in 1798. From the nineteenth century, the model came to be known as William Rex, derived from the four monograms on the stern, as it couldn't be definitively linked to any existing ship of the line. One theory is that it loosely resembles the 94-gun Koning William from the Admiralty of Zeeland. While it bears numerous resemblances, it falls short by twenty guns to align with the armament of Koning William.


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