Early x-ray of a foot inside a shoe

By M. Nardi, after Arthur Honoré Radiguet (1850–1905)
(No. 2045 Musée Radiographique Radiguet)

Arthur-Honoré Radiguet, a French optician and photographer, built upon his family legacy in optics, specialising in microscopes and loupes. In 1896, he entered the pioneering world of X-rays, becoming a leading French manufacturer, distributor, and photographer, compiling his creations into the Musée Radiographique Radiguet. His dedication came at a cost, as radiation poisoning ultimately took his life in 1905. Despite the tragic end, Radiguet's contributions remain vital, earning him acclaim as a pioneer of French radiography and leaving behind invaluable X-ray photographs as testaments to a pivotal era in scientific history.


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