Alternative parentage: Zeus and Hera,[15] Zeus and Eunomia,[15] Zeus and Eurydomene,[15] Zeus and Harmonia,[15] Zeus and Lethe,[15] Zeus and Eurynome,[J94] Apollo and Aegle,[15] Apollo and Euanthe,[15] Dionysus and Aphrodite,[15] Dionysus and Coronis,[15] Dionysus and Aphrodite,[J94] Helios and Aegle[J94]

Other names: Charis[J94]

One of the Charites (in Roman Mythology, they are the Gratiae [Graces]), the personification of grace and beauty.[H45]
Their parentage, number and names varied, but it was generally established that there were three, and that their names were Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia.[15]
They lived on Olympus with the Muses and shared their love of music and dance.[J94]
Other parts of Greece retained their original names and number of Charites according to their traditions, such as Athens (Auxo, Hegemone, and Peithoa), and Sparta (Cleta and Phaenna).[15]
They often accompanied Athena, Aphrodite, Eros, Apollo and Dionysus.[H45]
They wove the robe of Harmonia.[H45]
Aglaia was called Charis (Grace) by Homer.[J94]



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