The Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (11 October 1821, Moscow — 9 February 1881), Russian novelist and short-story writer.

# English Title Russian Title Composed  First Published
Poor People* (aka Poor Folk) Bednye liudi 1845 1846
rev. vers. 1847
2 Netochka Nezvanova Netochka Nezvanova 1848 1849 (3 parts)
rev. vers. 1860
3 The Village of Stepanchikovo and its Inhabitants (from The Notes of an Unknown) Selo Stepanchikovo i ego obitateli (Iz zapisok neizvestnogo) >1858 1859
4 Notes from the Dead House (aka The House of the Dead; The Dead House; Notes from the House of the Dead) Zapiski iz mertvogo doma >1859 in parts: 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863
5 The Insulted and Injured (aka The Insulted and Humiliated; The Humiliated and Wronged) Unizhennye i oskorblennye 1860 1861
6 Crime and Punishment Prestuplenie i nakazanie 1865  1866
7 The Gambler* Igrok 1866 1866
8 The Idiot Idiot 1869 in parts: 1868, 1869
9 The Eternal Husband* Vechnyi muzh 1869 1870
10 The Devils (aka The Possessed; Demons) Besy 1871
rev. 1872
rev. 1872
rev. vers. 1 1872
rev. vers. 2 1873
11 A Raw Youth (aka The Adolescent; An Accidental Family) Podrostok 1874 1875
12 The Brothers Karamazov Brat'ya Karamazovy 1878-80 in parts: 1879, 1880
The Double Dvoinik 1845 1846
2 The Landlady Khoziaka 1847 1847
3 Uncle's Dream Diadiushkin son >1858 1859
4 Notes from Underground Zapiski iz podpolya 1864 1864 
Short Stories
1 'Mister Prokharchin' 'Gospodin Prokharchin'   1846
2 'Novel in Nine Letters' 'Roman v deviati pis'makh'   1847
3 'Another Man’s Wife'‡ 'Chuzhaia zhena i muzh pod krovat'iu: proizshestvie neobyknovennoe' 1848 1848
4 'A Jealous Husband'‡ 'Revnivy muzh' 1848 1848
5 'A Christmas Party and a Wedding (from The Notes of an Unknown)' 'Elka i svad'ba (Iz zapisok neizvestnogo)'   1848
6 'A Faint Heart' 'Slaboe serdtse   1848
7 'White Nights: A Sentimental Novel (from Memoirs of a Dreamer)' 'Belye nochi: Sentimental'nyi roman (Iz vospominanii mechtatelia)' rev. 1860 1848
rev. vers. 1860
8 'Polzunkov' Polzunkov'   1848
9 'An Honest Thief (from The Notes of an Unknown)' 'Chestnyi vor (Iz zapisok neizvestnogo)'   1848
10  'A Little Hero (from The Memoirs of an Unknown)' 'Malen'kii geroi (Iz neizvestnykh memuarov)' btw 1849-54 1856
11 'Another Man’s Wife and The Husband Under the Bed: An Unusual Occurrence'‡ 'Chuzhaia zhena i muzh pod krovat'iu: proizshestvie neobyknovennoe' 1860 1860
12 'A Nasty Story' 'Skvernyi anekdot'   1862
13 The Crocodile' 'Krokodil'   1865
14 'Bobok' 'Bobok   1873
15 'The Boy at Christ's Christmas Party (aka The Heavenly Christmas Tree)' 'Mal'chik u Khrista na elke'   1876
16 'The Meek One: A Fantastic Story (aka A Gentle Spirit)' 'Krotkaia: Fantasticheskii rasskaz' 1876 1876
17 'The Peasant Marei' 'Muzhik Marei'   1876
18 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man: A Fantastic Story' 'Son smeshnogo cheloveka: Fantasticheskii rasskaz' 1877 1877
Other Works§
Translation of Honoré de Balzac's novel Eugenie Grandet   1844  1844
The Petersburg Chronicle (four unsigned feuilletons under for the Saint-Petersburg News) Peterburgskaya letopis 1847 1847
Over 900 letters to family and friends and business acquaintances   1847-80 varies
Patriotic Verses   1854-56  
Siberian Notebook   1856-59  
Notebooks (record of ideas for literary and journalistic works)   1860-81  
'Visions in Verse and Prose' (a feuilleton for Time)   1861 1861
Article on Russian Literature: 'Mr —bov and the Question of Art'     1861
Winter Notes on Summer Impressions essay Zimnie zametki o letnikh vpechatleniiakh 1862 1863
A Writer's Diary (a column in The Citizen)
Dnevnik pisatelia   1873
A Writer's Diary (monthly publication) Dnevnik pisatelia   1876, 1877
A Writer's Diary (annual publication) Dnevnik pisatelia   1880, 1881
The Pushkin Speech   1881 1881


rev. = revised
* short novel
† unfinished
‡ Dostoevsky combined the short stories 'Another Man's Wife and 'A Jealous Husband' (reworking the latter extensively) and published them as 'Another Man’s Wife and the Husband Under the Bed: An Unusual Occurrence'.
§ Other minor works, articles, poems and contributions to publications are not listed.


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