Alfred Hitchcock's Cameo Appearances

Sir Alfred Hitchcock (13 August 1899, London, England—29 April 1980, Bel Air, California, USA), English film director and producer renown for his suspenseful films and television programmes winning him critical acclaim. With a successful career in Britain, he moved to the US in 1939 and became a US citizen in 1955. He was awarded a KBE in 1980.

Alfred Hitchcock's Film and Televsion Works
Title Genre
Mins into film
1 1926 The Lodger Seated at a desk in a newsroom. 3
2 1926 The Lodger Wearing a grey cap and leaning against an iron railing as a member of a crowd watching an arrest. 92
3 1927 Easy Virtue Walking past a tennis court with a walking stick. 15
4 1929 Blackmail Reading a book on the subway as a small boy annoys him. 11
5 1930 Murder! Passing the house of the murder scene. 60
6 1935 The 39 Steps Littering outside a theatre. 7
7 1937 Young and Innocent A photographer outside the courthouse. 15
8 1938 The Lady Vanishes In Victoria Station, wearing a black coat and smoking. 90
9 1940 Rebecca Passing the call box after the scene where George Sanders' makes his call. 123
10 1940 Foreign Correspondent Outside the hotel, walking towards the camera, reading a newspaper and wearing a coat. 11
11 1941 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Passing Robert Montgomery in front of his building. 41
12 1941 Suspicion Posting a letter at the village letterbox. 45
13 1942  Saboteur In front of the window of the shop 'Cut Rate Drugs'. 60
14 1943 Shadow of a Doubt Playing cards on the train to Santa Rosa. 17
15 1944 Lifeboat Pictures of the model in the 'before' and 'after' advertisement for 'Reduco Obesity Slayer' in the newspaper being read by Gus. 25
16 1945 Spellbound Leaving the lift of the Empire Hotel, carrying a violin case and smoking. 36
17 1946 Notorious Drinking champagne and quickly leaving the party at Claude Rain's mansion. 64
18 1947 The Paradine Case Leaving the train at Cumberland Station, carrying a cello. 36
19 1948 Rope* Silhouette on the neon sign seen in the view from the apartment window. 52
20 1949 Under Capricorn During the parade at the town square, wearing a blue coat and brown hat. 3
21 1949 Under Capricorn One of the three men on the steps of Government House. 14
22 1950 Stage Fright Turning to Jane Wyman who is disguised as the maid. 38
23 1951 Strangers on a Train Boarding a train carrying a double bass fiddle as Farley Granger gets off. 10
24 1953 I Confess Crossing the top of the staircase. 1
25 1954 Dial M for Murder On the left side of the school reunion dinner photograph on Ray Milland's wall. 13
26 1954 Rear Window Winding the clock on the mantelpiece in the songwriter's apartment. 25
27 1955 To Catch a Thief Sitting on the bus beside Cary Grant. 10
28 1955 The Trouble with Harry Passing the limousine of the elderly man looking at the painting exhibition. 21
29 1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much Watching the acrobats at the Moroccan market with his back to the camera. 25
30 1956 The Wrong Man Prologue narrator for the film. Opening of film
31 1958 Vertigo Walking past 'Elster's' shipyard carrying a musical instrument case. 10
32 1958 'A Dip in the Pool' from the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series† Appears on the cover of a magazine that a passenger is reading.  
33 1959 North by Northwest Missing the bus. 2
(opening credits)
34 1960 Psycho Seen through Janet Leigh's office window, wearing a cowboy hat. 7
35 1963 The Birds Walking out of Davidson's Pet Shop with two terriers as Tippi Hedren enters. 2
36 1964 Marnie Entering the left side of the hotel corridor from a room as Tippi Hedren passes by. 5
37 1966 Torn Curtain Sitting in n the lobby of the Hotel d'Angleterre with a blond baby on his lap. 8
38 1969 Topaz Being pushed in a wheelchair at LaGuardia Airport; he then gets up, shakes hands with a man and leaves. 28
39 1972 Frenzy Three appearances amongst the crowd at a political rally. Firstly, as the camera approaches the crowd, he is seen on the left wearing a bowler. Next, his left profile is visible amongst the crowd at the lower left corner of the frame. Finally, he is shown amongst the same crowd watching a corpse floating down the Thames. From 3
40  1976 Family Plot In silhouette seen through the door window of the Registrar of Births and Deaths talking to a man. 40


*Some sources state that the man crossing the street during the opening credits is another AH cameo role.
† AH's only cameo role in his television series.


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