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Ed Wood, born Edward Davis Wood, Jr. (1924 – 1978), American film director and screenwriter, creator of low-budget science fiction and horror films which eventually gave him cult status.  His Plan 9 from Outer Space was declared 'the worst movie of all time' in The Golden Turkey Awards.

Year  Title Other Titles Production/
Distributing Co.
Running Time
1948  The Streets of Laredo  Crossroads of Laredo  Wood-Thomas Pictures  Tony Lawrence;
John C. Thomas
23 minutes 
1951  The Sun Was Setting  The Sun Also Sets  Empire Productions;
WDBC Productions 
Milton Bowron;
Joe Carter;
Don Davis;
Edward D. Wood, Jr
20 minutes 
1953  Boots     Tucson Kid
25 minutes 
1953  Crossroad Avenger  The Adventures of the Tucson Kid  Tucson Kid
John E. Clarke;
Lew Dubin;
Edward D. Wood, Jr
50/24 minutes 
1953  Glen or Glenda?  He or She;
I Changed My Sex;
I Led 2 Lives
The Transvestite 
Screen Classics Inc.  George Weiss
1953  Trick Shooting with Kenne Duncan        Ronald V. Ashcroft
10 minutes 
1954  Jail Bait  Hidden Face  Howco Productions Inc.  Edward D. Wood, Jr
72 minutes 
1956  Bride of the Monster  Bride of the Atom;
Monster of the Marshes;
The Atomic Monster
Rolling M. Productions;
Banner Productions Inc. 
Donald E. McCoy
68 minutes 
1957  The Final Curtain     Atomic Productions Inc.  Walter Brannon;
Anthony Cardoza;
Tom Mason;
Ernest S. Moore;
Edward D. Wood, Jr
20 minutes 
1957  The Night the Banshee Cried     Atomic Productions Inc.  Edward D. Wood, Jr
22 minutes 
1959  Plan 9 from Outer Space  Grave Robbers from Outer Space  Reynolds Pictures Inc.;
Distributors Corporation of America Inc.;
International Film Distributors;
Grand National Pictures Ltd. 
Edward D. Wood, Jr
79 minutes 
1959  Night of the Ghouls  Dr. Acula;
Revenge of the Dead
Atomic Productions Inc.;
Wade Williams Productions  
Edward D. Wood, Jr
70 minutes 
1960  The Sinister Urge  Hellborn;
Rock & Roll Hell;
The Young and the Immoral
Headliner Productions  Roy Reid
76 minutes 
1970  Excited     G & J Productions;
Canyon Distributing Company  
53 minutes 
1970  Take It Out in Trade     Ashdown-Gonzalez Productions  Edward Ashdown;
Richard Gonzalez;
Roy Corrigan
80 minutes 
1971  The Only House     Cinema Classics;
Stacey Films  
60 minutes 
1971 Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love Necromania Cinema Classics;
Stacey Distributors
Edward D. Wood, Jr
(as Don Miller)
54/51 minutes


1. Restored in 1995.


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